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Well, I’ll start with a small introduction, shall I?

My name is Tamara, I’m 24 years old. I work at Go2games as a Graphic Designer; It’s my responsibility to create product posts and memes for social media platforms and creating unique and eye-catching visuals.

In the first half of the day, I focused on creating eyecatching posts of products Go2games have to offer. Here is an example of one previous post I created:



When it comes to creating this kind of post the first thing I tend to focus on is using a border that will help catch people’s attention. To give the whole image a more ‘gaming’ type of feel. I decided on a pixel type of border using the signature Go2Games colours; Blue & Purple. Then after designing the border, the next thing to do is add a background, as a plain white background can get somewhat boring after seeing it over and over and the goal is to choose a colour that can not only relate to the game but it can also catch the attention of its audience.

So in this case, No More Heroes 3 was the main focus of this post, so I decided on adding a shadow behind the gaming case to give it a 3D effect and settled on the colour purple as it helped flatter the colours used in the game. But just using a plain purple background wouldn’t be enough to make it stand out so with the help of a colleague, he was able to design a background that gave an ombre effect, showing off different shades of purple which made the background more pleasing to the human eye.

So now that the game had its own unique way to stand out plus the simple but effective background, all that was left was to add the appropriate text to entice its viewers to purchase this product and of course, adding our signature Go2Games Logo so viewers know exactly where to purchase the product, my job was almost done.

The last step in the Product Post process is for me is to upload the completed version and then contact our very own social media team, who hold the responsibility of posting what I create. Once they have a look and I’ve given the okay. My job is done and I move on to the next product post that was assigned to me. I will work on this for the majority of the day unless I have been assigned another task.

That’s just a rough idea of what I get up to during a workday at Go2Games.

Signing off till next time!

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