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One True King is a Texas-based media and production company founded by popular Twitch streamers Asmongold, Mizkif and Esfand. One True King was named The Biggest Streaming Organisation in August after hitting 25 million hours of combined watch time. October 2021 saw the addition of Cyr to One True King during an anniversary stream alongside a new logo. Most recently, Tectone has joined the company!

Meet Tectone. Tectone is a Canadian twitch streamer and YouTuber who mainly specialises in anime and anime-inspired games like Genshin Impact and Arknights. As of writing, Tectone has nearly 600K followers on Twitch and over 10 million total views. Tectone’s YouTube channel currently sits at 740K subscribers.

While somewhat lesser-known than some of his contemporaries, there’s been some small rumblings of Reddit discourse that they were anticipating another prominent female streamer to join the group. In a SHOCKING turn of events, most of the Twitter reactions (as far as I can tell) seem much more positive, mostly consisting of assorted reaction gifs and phrases communicating excitement like ‘woohoo’, ‘let’s GOOOO’ and ‘pog’.

The Redditeers: Yeah, me saying “things were chill on Twitter” isn’t as view-catching as “what fresh hell is this”, so let’s look at the Reddit comments under the One True King announcement.

On the Positive Side:

  • ‘He gets good views on his YouTube channel, he’s [a] little bit bigger then (sic) Mizkif on YouTube, and he doesn’t need girls in his thumbnails. It is a smart business decision on OTK part to sign him’
  • ‘A great fit in for OTK’.

On the Roasting Side:

  • ‘He looks like the combined version of all the other OTK members’.
  • ‘He is their final form’.
  • ‘He’s like a white Lacari’ (I’m sure I’d find that hilarious if I knew who that was).
  • ‘Everyone is so loud in OTK, they don’t need another mega phone andy’ (I’m sure I’d find that hilarious if I knew who that was).

For absolutely no reason at all, please find a particularly grumpy-looking image of Tectone mean-mugging the camera down below.

One Fun Coincidence: I myself have forgotten the name of the track Tectone uses in this video, but surprise surprise, I also used that music in my own YouTube video One Villainous Scene: Lil Zhe’s Jealous Rage. Small world.

Side tangent, lad knows how to rock those floral patterns, so plus +1 points for style.

Product Poems:

Catherine, Katherine… CKatherine? Oh my. Fullbody wine Miss?

Mario’s Jump is a tour-de-Force. A dead-beaten horse, of course.

By the way I saw Black Hebrew Israelites yesterday | Page 2 | ResetEra

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