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Everything new and old…

A new version of the Switch has been announced, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. It has a few new features, as well as some of the same. We will break it all down in this blog.

Firstly, as the name suggests, the new Switch has an OLED screen, offering a more vibrant display than the original version’s LCD screen. The display is also bigger, coming at 7 inches in comparison to the original’s 6.2 inches.

A second change is the kickstand. Unlike the base version’s flimsy crutch, it has a newly redeveloped kickstand. It takes up more of the consoles back, also featuring more adjustability.

The audio is also improved, with the OLED model having higher-tech speakers installed.

Likewise, the amount of storage has been increased. The new model has twice the storage, bumping the original 32GB to 64GB.

Another new addition is the dock’s built-in LAN port. The previous version required users to buy a LAN to USB adapter from Nintendo for the console to have a wired connection.

Lastly, its size. The device as a whole is slightly wider by point one of an inch, increasing from 9.4 inches to 9.5. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade Switch consoles, then bear in mind that it may take up a bit more room in your set-up than before. Similarly, it may not fit into the accessories you have bought for the original version. It is also slightly heavier.

Now we will explore everything which has been kept the same. First and foremost, its specs. Everything under the hood is the same as previous iterations of the Switch. It has the same CPU, RAM and battery as the 2019 version. This means that you can expect between 4.5 hours to 9 hours of battery life. However, the OLED display may use more power than the original LCD one, the battery life could be less due to this. It also still runs at 720p handheld and 1080p when docked. That detail runs contrary to early reporting on the device from Bloomberg, which said the next Nintendo Switch model would support “4K ultra-high-definition graphics” when docked. In a similar manner, Nintendo also informed us that the Joy-Cons will be the same as that of the current Switch.

So what are you paying for? You are getting a bigger screen with a more vibrant display, a reliable and newly realised kickstand, a new LAN port, and double the storage. It comes in at £309.99, £30 less than the base model. If you are looking to get a Switch soon, I recommend waiting for the new models release on October 6th. This is because if you include the potential need to buy a LAN adapter, an improved kickstand and a 32GB SD card with the original Switch, then you would probably save money by waiting for the arrival of the new version, as well as receiving a bigger and better screen, alongside some audio improvements.

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