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It’s almost impossible to think of something as phenomenal as having Pop-star Bebe Rexha will be featuring at the Sim’s 4 music festival.



Starting on 29th June, a music festival will be hosted by EA in the Sims 4 that will feature, the-one-and-only, pop star Bebe Rexha, a part of the wholesome indie band Glass Animals and Joy Oladokun, known to be both a singer and songwriter. The Sims 4 will have ‘Sims Sessions’ that will give players the opportunity to explore around the festival grounds, get their hands on some great merchandise and listen to some ‘sick’ tunes.

Even though virtual concerts in games isn’t something that is particularly new, EA seems to make it different by using their own Sim language to give their players a unique gameplay experience. It’s not only funny, but it’s memorable and will leave their players wanting more. Whereas in other games such as Avakin Life, we’ve seen performers such as Billie Eilish, Hayley Kiyoko and a few indie artists, it has become overused and more of an event that passes you by without leaving an impression. It’s fun to see the artist sing in their gibberish language and will fill many with a bit of joy, wondering how the artist would have recorded such great nonsense created by the legendary Will Wright.

This is no laughing matter, in fact EA take this very seriously and have been doing this for years, they’ve worked with over 500 artists since 2004 and intend to continue with their Sim gibberish fun like music. The Simlish language is very fun and has become so memorable over the years they’ll be having a karaoke event on Tik Tok where fans can brag about their Simlish knowledge. To take park in the big event, you’ll need a copy of Sims 4, which you can get at website.


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