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Xbox Game Pass has reportedly received £4,780 ($6,317.35/AU$8,823) worth of games in 2021, which is an insane amount considering when you think about this year’s subscription Microsoft services only being £49.99/$59.99/AU$80.

The cost of the new Xbox Game Pass titles was calculated by The Loadout which was based off of the value of every title that was added to the pass on console and PC during the course of 2021 on the Microsoft Store.

The loadout also reported what was the best month for Xbox Game Pass in terms of value which turned out to be March 2021, March oversaw several Bethesda Game Studio titles hit the subscription service which included The Evil Within 2 and Rage which collectively came up to around £740 alone (around $964/AU$1,347).

The month that oversaw the least amount of value was back in April 2021, with the games totaling £247.69. When you consider the price of a month’s subscription is only £7.99($9.99/AU$15.95) it still comes up to a sizable fee. To fully experience every game added to the subscription service, you’d need to pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which is currently on sale at this present time). Granted it’s more expensive the standard Game Pass but it still only comes up to £101.70 for the entire year, when you put in perspective the value of the game titles that are added to the Game Pass, it’s a very reasonable trade-off. Xbox Game Pass doesn’t come without it perks, with the Ultimate Game Pass, you gain access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and exclusive in-game rewards.


An Outsider’s Analysis: Xbox Game Pass is fantastic value for money


 I’m not going to lie to you, I have not played Xbox or paid their subscription fee since 2014 but as someone who currently pays for PlayStation and Nintendo services I have to admit, the deal you get for the Xbox Game Pass compared to PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Online is currently second to none, I have to say that there’s no deal out there at this current time that offers what the Game Pass offers in exchange for a reasonable subscription fee. Not to say that each respective companies Game Passes have their own impressive rewards and offers but with the Xbox Game Pass, not only do you have an abundance of game titles to choose from this year alone but Microsoft have also given its subscribers incredible savings that they can enjoy.

The Xbox Game Pass included magnificent game titles like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizons 5, Battlefield 2042 and Psychonauts 2, those titles alone at full price is more than one full year of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and with that being said, I can see why people would opt for the Game Pass in the first place; with that you have the option to buy these AAA titles day one.

Now, here’s the thing; if you’re affected by the fact that the Game Pass only allows you to rent titles, it can be overshadowed by the fact that any game that hits the service can be bought digitally with a 20% discount to go with it, not a bad deal for Xbox users there ay? If that’s not enough, Game Pass subscribers can also enjoy discounts on various DLCs too.

Well, my verdict is if you’re looking for a new console, I’d highly recommend giving some serious thought to an Xbox One, Xbox Series S or X if you don’t own one already. Microsoft has seriously improved its product over the last few years, righting the wrongs that has been pointed out over the years. Xbox right now is widely considered as “Sleeping Giants” but how things are going right now, they won’t be sleeping any longer. Now If you excuse me, going to have to see a certain store about certain Microsoft product I would possibly like to invest my time in.





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