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What is The Wholesome Games Direct?


The Wholesome Games Direct has been happening once a year since 2020, so naturally 2021’s direct was their second one and for one year of being around, they’ve done pretty well and have built a large following of 13k subscribers on Youtube and 61k followers on Twitter.

Wholesome Games Direct is an independent showcase, voluntarily run and organised by Wholesome Games to shine a light on indie games that are thoughtful, change lives and overall, make people happier. The Wholesome Games Direct had announcements from 75 game titles this year. They are certainly something to look forward to.



Despite their large following, Wholesome Games still seemed to be overlooked due to mainstream companies hosting their E3 announcements around the same time, such as Nintendo, Campcom and Square Enix. Many players are missing out, so I decided to blow the horn on this one and let it be known.

Below is the entire Direct available to watch on Youtube, and just for your pleasure, I’ve listed every single one of the games mentioned below and as Wholesome Games were kind enough to add timestamps, those are added as well.


List of Games from the Wholesome Games Direct

Bird Problems – 15:46
Recolit – 17:01

Snacko- 17:30 
Alekon- 18:02
A Little To The Left- 19:11
Ooblets – 20:05 
Spirit Swap – 21:43
Behind The Frame – 22:18

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery (2021) - Game details | Adventure  Gamers


Skatebird – 23:13
Here Comes Niko – 24:16
Pekoe – 25:26 
Lake – 25:58 
Yokai Inn – 27:01 

Yokai Inn


Mythic Ocean – 28:10
Kokopa’s Atlas – 28:42 
Button City – 29:16
Letters – 30:54
Hot Pot For One – 31:26 
Garden Story – 31:58
Tracks Of Thought 32:31
Beasts of Maravilla Island 33:24
Hoa – 34:45 
We Are OFK – 35:45
Paralives – 37:45 
KeyWe – 38:47

KeyWe on Steam

A Walk With Yiayia – 39:37 
Dordogne – 40:09 
The Gecko Gods – 41:26 
Tasomachi – 42:27 
Please Be Happy – 43:27
Witchy Life Story – 43:58
BattleCakes – 44:29
Bear & Breakfast – 45:01
Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist – 45:49

Jump back into the art scene and sell out in Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist  | PC Gamer


Sally – 46:53
Rainbow Billy – 48:08 
Unpacking – 49:10
Soup Pot – 49:42 
Cloud Jumper50:01 
Teacup – 51:02
Moonglow Bay – 51:49
Pupperazzi – 52:50
Luna’s Fishing Garden – 53:21
Witchery Academy – 53:52 
Amber Isle – 54:51
Woodo – 56:34
Wytchwood – 57:35

Wytchwood on Steam


Moonshell Island – 58:06
Frogsong – 58:38
Montage – 59:22
Loddlenaut – 1:05:33

Loddlenaut on Steam

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