Wild Battle Bus Appears! Fortnite At Universal Studios!


That’s right folks! THE (or rather, a) Fortnite Battle Bus has appeared at Universal Studios California Theme Park! If you’re in the area, you can catch a look at the Fortnite Battle Bus for yourself just outside the Universal Studios Cinema!

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first rodeo for Epic Games as far as real-life crossover events with Fortnite. We last saw a Fortnite incorporate ARG (augmented reality gaming) during the World’s Collide event of Season 1 Chapter 5 in 2017, with everything from giant burger statues being found in the desert to plastic pinata llamas taking an odd interest in the local telephone boxes.

What kind of llama does he look like? Happy? Sad? Mentally disturbed? Find out by clicking here!

Considering all of the SpOOoooOooky recent Fortnite gameplay and item shop additions, like the Carnage tendril power-up, Venom cosmetic bundles, the existentially horrific banana skeleton and classic movie monsters like Frankenstein(‘s Monster) and “The Good Doctor”, maybe we’ll see some kind of horror film crossover with Universal Studios properties and Fortnite. I mean, Fortnite even crossed over with the Aliens series for crying out loud, you never know.

Special thanks to Theme Snark over on Twitter, who caught pictures of the Battle Bus at various stages of development at Universal Studios, I gotta admit, dude must be a committed Fortnite extraordinaire! I’m talking keeping up with the Game Theory videos and lore, really immersing himself in the sunshine and rainbows landscape of the cultural zeitgeist that is-

… Point taken.

My only extremely minor complaint with the Battle Bus that I’m not even in the same country as is that this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to have a little balloon salesman man the area during the day and pluck one from the top of the bus with extra long tongs or what-have-you. You know, mix up the iconography with an opportunity for making more of that dollar-dollar bill y’all! Ironic that I can sometimes be a better capitalist than some actual capitalists when I’m feeling adventurous.

Fortnite News 🟪 on Twitter: "The new 4th Birthday Battle Bus is now  in-game! #Fortnite (📸: @FN_Assist)… "
I’m no scientist, but I get the distinct impression that this particular contraption is not aerodynamically realistic

Free Balloon salesman Stock Photo - FreeImages.com











Universal Studios also sees especially large booms of customers in the Halloween season, so the Fortnite Battle Bus setting up shop there is a shrewd marketing idea all the same. The Fortnitemares event ends on November 1st though, so don’t forget to get stuck in the fun while you still can folks!

Fortnite is available right now for mobile, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. And if you’re here looking for more Fortnite goodness, have a looksie over at our store for all sorts of expansions, toys and more!

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