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Nintendo will do anything related to the critically acclaimed “mother” series (known as “earthbound” in the west) Besides actually release the third game. While you can play the game with a fan patch, Nintendo has never released the game outside of japan despite fans constantly clamoring for them to do so.

However there are a couple of other pieces of earthbound media that have never made their way over, such as the books. The books tell the stories of the first 2 games, going into more detail than the games did. Both where written by Saori Kumi and both where approved by mothers creator, Shigesato Itoi.

Now, you can actually read these books thanks to independent translate Nyaasu. Here are the translated back covers

Mother: the original story

“I’ve got to come along with you! – Ana, a girl with mysterious powers, the athletic Ken, and the scientific young genius Lloyd stand together to save the world from a crisis. In order to enlist the help of Queen Mary, ruler of the kingdom of Magicant, they must seek out eight melodies scattered throughout the world, as the sinister influence of their alien foe draws steadily closer. And just what is the true identity of their dreaded enemy…? A complete novelization of Shigesato Itoi’s beloved, immersive RPG!”

Mother 2

“My name is Ness. Before a meteor fell on the mountain behind my house, I was just an ordinary, baseball-loving kid in a red ball cap. But after that night, an unbelievable journey began for me and my friends! Paula, a beautiful blond girl with psychic powers. Jeff, a prodigy with all things mechanical. And Poo, the prince of a mysterious kingdom. In order to protect the future of our world, we’ll need all of our courage, wisdom, and love, to stand against an enormous enemy! The masterpiece RPG from producer and director Shigesato Itoi returns, in an epic and emotional novelization.”

You can read these on the translators website, which we will not be linking in the case nintendo sends their goons after this guy. Google the name, I am sure you can find it.

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