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Only specific Destiny 2 fans have received this secret message…

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Bungie has sent out special kits to a select few, but fans were pleasantly surprised to come across this secret message.

The most recent season of Destiny 2, called ‘Season of the Splicer’ started in May and will only be running until August. Players must battle for The Last City as their fate is in their hands…but as a special tribute to Season 14, Bungie chose 45 Destiny 2 content creators to send these kits to. As Destiny 2s at week 6 out of 13, this means the season is halfway through and will soon be coming to an end, fans still have time to get through but most have completed half of the ‘Season of the Splicer’ content. The story throughout this season has meshed well with the kit Bungie has chosen to send out to content creators, it follows Destiny 2’s chaos, corruption and by definition ruinous theme.

Here, we see the Twitter user and Youtuber RickKackis showing his fans the special package he received, called the ‘Season Of The Splicer Survival Kit’. The gift comes in the form of a bulky briefcase. Inside the case, he was greeted with a card that has just a few letters on the almost blank page.  He also received; a cassette player, a cassette tape, Koss Porta Pro headphones, a light-up display shaped in the Destiny logo (it also changes colour!) and…an ultraviolet torch that is what he uses to reveal that mysterious message on the card, which is, of course, written with the Season of the Spicer storyline in mind. There’s no doubt that the Season of the Splicer is focused around Vex’s plan to push The Last City into ruin, so a secret message that can only be deciphered by Destiny 2 content creators is the best way to send out something interesting to the fans.



After shining the UV light over the small card, the message is revealed…and it reads (ahem..) :

“You are called upon to become Splicers to override the endless night that has befallen the Last City by destroying the Vex Network from the inside.

Here is your survival kit to help endure the endless night and dive into Destiny’s latest season, Season of the Splicer.

Show your community you’re ready to jump into this new season using the following hashtag #SeasonoftheSplicer. We wish you an amazing journey!”

However, the message (though a pleasant surprise)  just happens to be a celebration for The Season of the Splicer, rather than revealing any crazy spoilers, which in a sense is a good thing for any fans who have yet to play through. There will sure to be other fans who will continue data mining for such spoilers regardless but in the meantime, at least this season can come towards a gentle close for players and welcome a new change for the next set of content to arrive after August.

You can get Destiny 2 on the PS4, PS5, PC, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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