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Kazuya Mishima joins the fight…

Kazuya Mishima was revealed as the penultimate DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2021. His introduction means we will see one of the most iconic characters in fighting game history joining Nintendo’s industry-uniting franchise. Considering how impactful and influential Tekken has been since its first introduction to arcades in 1994, there is no doubt that Kazuya is worthy of taking that second to the last spot on the Smash roster.

The reveal trailers inclusion of the Tekken series famous Volcano scene was definitely a nice touch by Nintendo.

The reveal trailer was everything I had hoped it would be. I personally loved the end detail of Kazuya dropping Kirby off the volcano, just for him to fly back up in classic Kirby fashion.

Admittedly, although a lot of smash fans were happy with the announcement, there were some who disapproved. These fans wanted characters such as Halo’s Master Chief, for example. However, considering everything Tekken has done to figurehead the fighting game scene, it is only right that a Tekken character has a spot on the roster; and no Tekken character is more deserving than Kazuya Mishima.

With every iconic character added to the Smash roster, it is important for an equally iconic victory scene to accompany them. Although there have been some questionable ones over the years, there have also been some great ones. Masahiro Sakurai often loves to reference classic moments from the characters original games in their victory scenes. An example of this is Sephiroth’s victory scene referencing Final Fantasy 7 (see below).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans worldwide understand this need for good victory screens, especially for DLC characters with historical importance, like the above two. The victory scene makes that hard-fought win taste even sweeter.

One fan (AngelDemon24, Reddit) has thought of what fans believe to be the perfect scene for Kazuya, in line with Sakurai’s attention to detail regarding classic references. It is based on Kazuya’s ending in the original Tekken game.

If this isn’t one of Kazuya’s victory screens, we riot. Video from Ultra. from smashbros

What are peoples thoughts? Let us know in the comments. It will be interesting to see what Sakurai does, in fact, choose as his victory scene. There are definitely several iconic Kazuya scenes to choose from. Regardless, I am more than excited to see one of the fighting game genre’s poster boys joining the Super Smash roster.

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