tn fortnite giveaway accident

Epic Games… Sweetie. Darling. Teacher. Mother. Secret lover. Between this and Farcry 6 accidentally giving players free Danny Trejo DLC, I sincerely hope this doesn’t become a trend… Or, maybe I do a little bit because it would be fun to write about and drive up views, but still-

Fortnite has accidentally given hundreds of players a legendary harvesting tool, the Axe of Champions. And as an aficionado of all things BTEC-Media studies related, I’d say ‘Axe’ reeks a smidge of false advertising. That said, I suppose ‘The Pointy Gold Stick With a Tacky-Looking Insignia Of Champions’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. This item is awarded to winners of Fortnite’s Champion Series tournaments, where the best of the best compete for that sweet sweet greenback. The moola. That cheddar. That C.R.E.A.M. Dolla dolla bill y’all!

At time of writing (12/11/2021), there are only 21 Fortnite Champion Series tournament victors of the millions of players in Fortnite. These axes are also passed around whenever any of the main 21 loses champion status, it’s just those 21 axes in circulation at any given time. If you’d rather get Fortnite items ON PURPOSE for a change, we’ve got Fortnite bundles you can buy for various consoles and some appropriately-themed Fortnite toys for any parents looking to quell the hyperactivity of a caffeine-fueled Zoomer before the Christmas season. Heck, we have a Fortnite themed Christmas bauble for crying out loud! Because nothing says celebrating an over commercialized holiday like adorning your house with merch from a glorified storefront with a game attached to it! And I say this as someone who unironically likes the game part of Fortnite!

That Fortnite Feel When you go entire seasons grinding to successfully buy your first skin without paying a single solitary scrap of legal tender:

On November 10th, due to currently unknown memes- sorry means, the Fortnite game sent out an Axe of Champions to every Champion Series qualifier, resulting in Epic doing it’s best “oops, I did it again” impression on Twitter in the statement below. The Fortnite Grand Royale will start this week with the Middle East Grand Royale Qualifiers before the finals take place on November 20th and 21st.

While we’re on the topic of axes, you know what game has a particularly famous one? God of War! Are we selling it at the Go2Games store? No, but we have Apsulov End of Gods, a cyberpunk-meets-Norse mythology action horror game. And the new God of War is set in Norse myth, so that’s basically the same thing, right? Right.

Oh, also, we have *checks notes* Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? That has axes in it! Boom! Shill-continuity saved!

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