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How I nearly tripled my Albedo’s damage output using the new artefact set and F2P weapon.

It hasn’t really been all that long since I posted my first build guide for Albedo, back when his rerun was initially announced. At that time, the Harbinger of Dawn was the go to weapon, and his artefacts were a mixed bag.

Now, with the new free to play weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle, and the new defence and geo damage boosting set, Husk of Opulent Dreams, Genshin Impact has given Albedo a complete overhaul.

First, let’s look at the damage comparison between the old and new Albedo.

Three weeks ago, my Albedo’s skill would hit for around 10k – with the assistance of Zhongli and Geo Resonance.

Look at my Albedo now:

Here, he hit for a maximum of 24k off-field damage with all the same buffs. This massive damage increase is all thanks to the new Free to Play event weapon and a brand new artefact set.

The Cinnabar Spindle

The latest event took us to the wilderness of Dragonspine, where we built snowmen, ran time trials, and uncovered a strange imposter. Most importantly, though, we got this great new weapon. We were also able to refine it to level five for free from event rewards, and benefited from an EXP bonus while leveling it up.

The passive, improved base attack, and defence substat should serve to give you a 10% damage increase from the Harbinger of Dawn (provided you aren’t completely reliant on it for crit rate and crit damage).

Though some have complained that this sword only works on Albedo, it’s a free weapon at the end of the day, and it makes Albedo very F2P friendly to build. This is in fact his Best in Slot 4 star, and can even out damage some 5 star swords too. Not to mention, you’ll no longer be chained to keeping Albedo’s health over 90%.


The Husk of Opulent Dreams set can provide up to 4 stacks of curiosity, each buffing your defence and geo damage by 6%. That’s a considerable total of 24% defence and geo damage. It’s very easy to maintain maximum stacks with Albedo, as you will gain a stack by being off-field every 3 seconds. The only way to lose stacks is by standing on field and doing no geo damage.

If you want to maintain Albedo as more of a support role, he is one of the characters who can best utilise the Tenacity of Millelith’s 4 piece set. This increases party members attack by 20% and shield strength by 30%. As Albedo cannot benefit from the attack bonus himself (because his skill scales with defence), I personally don’t recommend sacrificing Albedo’s damage for this buff. Attack can instead be boosted by another party member with a four piece Noblesse set, if needs be.

As for the stats on the artefacts, you’re going to follow a traditional DPS build. However, you’ll be substituting attack for defence. As you’re going to get plenty of defence from the set bonus and Cinnibar Spindle, you’re definitely going to want a crit rate or crit damage circlet. This will depend on how much crit rate you manage to scourge up in your sub stats, etc. The time piece should be defence, and the goblet should have a geo damage bonus. In your sub stats you should prioritise crit rate / crit damage, but defence rolls are not unwelcome either.

If you’re sticking with the Harbinger of Dawn, prioritise defence more. You could even consider using a defence circlet or goblet.

Following are the stats on my Albedo which allow him to hit for these sorts of numbers.

(Yes, we’re friendship level 10 besties, by the way.)

This is my Albedo with max curiosity stacks from the Opulent set. Again, this will not be hard to maintain. He previously had around 1,800 defence – so 2,458 is a huge improvement.

My crit rate isn’t most ideal, but I’m able to skimp on it by pairing him with the Geo traveller, who has an ER build. The Geo traveller provides a 10% crit rate buff with their elemental burst, which is pretty easy to maintain. I will at some point probably switch Albedo to a build with more crit rate and less crit damage, but for now I’m happy to pair him with the traveller or use him in my teams that capitalise on Cryo Resonance.

With the buff from the Opulent set, Albedo is able to enjoy a 92.2% Geo damage bonus. This should be the same for you, with a level 20 goblet and max curiosity stacks, plus the geo damage boost from his ascension stat.

Team compositions

Albedo slots comfortably into most team compositions as a sub DPS. He shines the most, however, in Geo compositions. This allows him to benefit from Geo resonance, which greatly buffs Geo damage.

Albedo will work especially well with characters that do AoE damage. The limitations on his skill procs apply to individual enemies, so essentially the more enemies you can attack at once, the more his skill can activate. This makes him pretty much godly with a character like Venti, whose burst continuously hits many enemies at once. He also works very well with the Geo traveller’s burst (when it actually lines up with enemies, that is). Another great candidate is Tartaglia, whose riptides can damage multiple enemies at once. Electro-charged comps also suit him in this way.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to snag an Albedo (or Eula). If you’re still pulling for him in this last week, I’m sending you all the best luck! While my Albedo’s build is still far from perfect, I hope I’ve demonstrated his huge potential with the new set and F2P sword.

Genshin Impact is available to download and play for free on PC, mobile, and PS4, as well as the PS5. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the new PlayStation console, register your interest at our shop.

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