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With the second half of Genshin 2.4 bringing more reruns, many players are looking to future new characters.

It’s been a few weeks since Yae Miko’s drip marketing release, and leaks from the 2.5 Beta are giving us a relatively complete picture of her kit. Along with Yae, Genshin players are looking forward to long-awaited characters Ayato and Heizou.

The ratio of male characters to female characters in Genshin Impact is about 1 to 2, so I tend to be quite curious about the upcoming male characters. It’s rather odd to be honest, as the gender ratio of Genshin players is reasonably even – around 45% female and 55% male (unable to account for players who do not belong in either category, like myself). Obviously, many female players prefer to play female characters, and many male players like to play male characters. There are also male characters who are more so marketed towards men… I mean…

But the point is that characters marketed towards female players are strangely a bit more of a rarity. So I’m excited to see Ayato’s design!

Rumours about Heizou have also been circulating for quite some time right now: he’s apparently a detective and a bit of a mischief-maker. Many fan designs have arisen for him and Ayato, and many hope for a character similar to Bungou no Stray Dogs’ Ranpo.

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Reputable leaker Ubatcha shared information that Kamisato Ayato and Heizou may be joining us in Genshin 2.6.

If you haven’t heard, Ayato is the brother of the current playable character, Kamisato Ayaka. We know very little about him, other than his relation to Ayaka and Thoma, as well as his voice actor. He also appears to be on some friendly terms with Arataki Itto.

As for his kit, all we have to go on right now is that he will probably be a hydro sword user – much like Xingqiu. This is a little disappointing to me, as we still don’t have a hydro polearm or claymore user. It does fit with his image as the Yashiro Commissioner, though.

According to miHoYo’s usual update schedule, Genshin Impact Version 2.6 will arrive around March 30 – so we still have quite the wait to go.

Given his popularity, it’s somewhat surprising that Heizou looks set to be a four-star. Then again, Thoma was also a very popular four-star. Perhaps he will feature on Ayato’s banner? The new four-star, Yunjin, is also currently featured on the new five-star, Shenhe, banner.

In other news, the Windtrace event relaunches today – it should be a fun time!

Genshin Impact is available to download and play for free on PC, mobile, and PS4, as well as the PS5. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the new PlayStation console, register your interest at our shop.

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