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Good news everyone! Our multi-billionaire corporate overlords are adding policies to REDUCE privacy-invading tracking. Grandpa Google, Father Facebook, Auntie Amazon, all is forgiven!

Specifically, Google is limiting the sharing of user data with third parties across different applications. Altruistic wholesomeness out of the kindness of their own heart or shrewd attempt to increase value of it’s own data collection? You be the judge.

Apple has enacted similar changes with it’s app store, though Mama Meta would get a little nervous, claiming it could cost the company $10 billion in revenue. Thank God the folks at Meta turned out to be wrong, some good news followed the policy enactment… Meta lost $232 billion from their market cap that day! A 26% loss! … I didn’t say it was good news for them.

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On a brighter note (for Facebook this time), they seem on much better terms with Google’s use of these policies based on Graham Mudd’s statements on Twitter (VP of product marketing at Facebook). Google has also admitted the existing agreements regarding technologies will last for 2 years, likely to allow more preparation time for the various parent companies of different platforms.

“[It is] encouraging to see this long-term, collaborative approach to privacy-protective personalized advertising from Google […] We look forward to continued work with them and the industry on privacy-enhancing tech through industry groups”. – Graham Mudd: Vice president of product marketing, ads and business.

Google’s super computer collaboration with Nvidia has also lead to suggestions that data collection may not be as necessary with regards to research purposes.

What are the results or upcoming effects? Well, in spite of my earlier flippancy and joy at The Hashtag Big Tech Masterminds taking a little financial blow, the new policies unfortunately mean third parties and smaller start-up businesses (LIKE US) also somewhat lose out on better advertising opportunities to customers, which means fewer avenues of financial success.

The card-carrying commie in me is saying “okay, then let’s eat the rich and radically distribute ourselves like a Mario Party mechanic”! On the other hand, that would only work if whoever gets their hands on that money doesn’t end up defaulting to a “greed is good” mindset once the greenback starts flowing… In other news, we live in a society!

Comrade BOWSER? And I thought Mario was a communist! As I can’t find a clip of this mechanic in action, here’s the next best thing.

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