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Good news everyone! Our multi-billionaire corporate overlords are adding policies to REDUCE privacy-invading tracking. Grandpa Google, Father Facebook, Auntie Amazon, all is forgiven! Specifically, Google is limiting the sharing of user data with third parties across different applications. Altruistic wholesomeness out of the kindness of their own heart or shrewd attempt to increase value of […]


Between the Roblox devs suing a hacker for (among other things) reporting false claims of a terrorist attack and the Apple Store becoming subject to policy changes making it more developer-friendly, seems they’re starting to go through the ringer on this one. On a scale from Nintendo to Activision Blizzard, I’d say Apple is at […]


Alright mother *fffff*Final Fantasy fans! Let’s get stuck in! The “Tragic” Backstory: Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier is Square Enix’s upcoming foray into the world of Battle Royale gaming via the App Store and Google Play. Players will Square (Enix) off against 75 players, going live at 3am on November 17th, but the game is […]


Disney has given the licensing to its characters to Apple for an upcoming Super Smash Bros-inspired action game featuring various characters from Disney’s filmography. Disney Melee Mania will be developed by Mighty Bear Games. The game will be exclusive to Apple Arcade, which you can get for £4.99 a month to gain access to various […]


Fortnite creators Epic Games and the goliath Apple have been locked in a heated legal battle since 2020 regarding the popular game’s creators discovering a loophole in which Apple could be cut out of microtransaction’s via an external link. Unfortunately, for fans of the iOS version on the unreal engine, you’ll be disappointed as it […]

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