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Comrade Australia? FINALLY, some good industry news! Was not expecting a progressive move in the gaming industry coming from the country notorious for banning and overly-censoring its fair share of 18+ games, but hey, you win some you lose some. Game Workers Unite Australia, formerly an advisory and support group, has now announced it will […]


Between the Roblox devs suing a hacker for (among other things) reporting false claims of a terrorist attack and the Apple Store becoming subject to policy changes making it more developer-friendly, seems they’re starting to go through the ringer on this one. On a scale from Nintendo to Activision Blizzard, I’d say Apple is at […]


Oh, New World, New World, New World. My dearest roast-pet. You sweet little mechanic-banning ragamuffin. You character creation-stopping little cutie pie! We KNEAD! Nay, KNEED! Nay, NEED… To talk about branding. Amazon recently released a statement confirming plans to crack down on the problem of bots in New World. As a result, thousands of in-game […]


The Gunk is an upcoming third-person action platformer from developers at Thunderful Games and Image and Form. The game is also from the makers of the Steam World games, which I’ve covered before with the trailer for Headhunter. The game is an Xbox exclusive (says me, the PS4-thumping Metal Gear Solid fanboy), but it’s also […]


While players will have to wait for 2022 till they can play the third installment of ‘Splattering People With Suspiciously-Coloured Liquids: The Game’, there are rumblings that Splatoon 3 news may be on the inky horizon! Don’t worry Nintendo, I promise to keep my theories of implicitly psycho-sexual Freudian undertones in the Splatoon games to […]


Activision. Honey. Baby. Dearest booty call for easy views… You’re dethpicable. Jessica Gonzales (whom you may recognize from my article on wanting to fire one Bobbert Kotique) has recently resigned from her role as data analyst for Blizzard Entertainment. In her resignation, she states the company’s hostile work environment, lack of effort and deliberate inaction […]


Based on claims by regularly-correct datamining extraordinaire HYPEX, a new type of animal will be coming Epic Games‘ Fortnite. Starting December 4th and 4pm ET (9pm UK time), the current Fortnite season will end and include a special temporary event seeing players take on The Evil Cube Queen TM. The animal HYPEX claims will be […]

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