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Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite’s equipment system is reminiscent of the Armor Abilities from Halo: Reach. Equipment items are a wide range of consumable pick-ups that grant you an extra ability, such as Thrusters to dodge, a Repulsor that deflects certain projectiles, and my personal favourite – the Grappleshot.

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory in terms of what they do. However, when utilised properly they can be used to turn the tide of battle and give you the advantage. They’re also being used to pull of some crazy trick-shots, and it wouldn’t be Halo without those.

Now, I’m not quite sure I can guide you towards pulling off a masterful display such as that. However, I can give you the basics on how each piece of equipment works and what it’s best used for.

The Grappleshot

Halo Grappleshot
This thing is COOL.

The Grappleshot is by far one of the coolest additions to Halo Infinite. Almost any game is made immediately better with a grappling hook. This one is fairly self-explanatory, but it has a whole bunch of cool uses.

The first is of course you zip towards whatever you shoot it at. This means you can use it to reach locations you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The Grappleshot makes traversing distances easy if you build up the right momentum as you can direct yourself whilst swinging.

You can use it to grab items from a distance, so you can bring power weapons etc. towards you. If you hit another player with the Grappleshot, it will propel you towards them and strikes them automatically upon impact.

It’s great against vehicles, as you can use it to pull yourself towards them and hijack them for yourself.

The Grappleshot has a lot of versatility and can allow you to get the jump on enemies by finding angles they would not suspect.

The Repulsor

Halo Infinite Repulsor
If you’re the kinda person who likes to parry things in Dark Souls, then this ones for you.

The Repulsor took me a minute to get used to, as it wasn’t entirely obvious what is was for when I first picked it up. It’s a powerful defensive item projects a force in front of you to deflect whatever is coming towards you. This includes projectiles, players and vehicles.

It requires very particular timing to use, so it almost functions like a parrying mechanic. This is best used when someone’s charging towards you with an Energy Sword or a Gravity Hammer. It’s also great someone’s flying towards you in a Ghost or another vehicle. With the correct timing, any of the above will be rendered useless as they are propelled away from you.

You can also use the Repulsor to send back projectiles. Time it right and you can make someone really regret throwing that plasma grenade.

The Thruster

Halo Infinite thruster
Dodge enemy attacks with the Thruster equipment.

The Thruster is a basic device that accelerates you a short distance in a certain direction at high speed when you use it. As a result, you may use the Thruster to move in any direction, including sideways and backwards, allowing you to avoid incoming melee attacks, bullets, and vehicles.

Use it to zoom past or away from opposing Spartans in confined spaces to completely throw them off their game. With the Thruster, it also appears as if you might be able to increase your jumping distance with the right timing, as it will propel you forward mid-air.

However, the Thruster’s increased agility is ideal for close-quarters combat where creative movement might help you gain an advantage. Just keep in mind that the ability has a short cooldown between uses, so you can’t just dash all the time.

The Threat Sensor

Halo Infinite threat sensor
The Threat Sensor – well… It detects threats.

The name says it all with this one. The Threat Sensor is probably the simplest of all the equipment  but that doesn’t mean it has serves no purpose. You can use the Threat Sensor to gather important information about your opponents to plan your engagement.

The device fires a short-range sensor that sticks to walls, objects, and even people. When it lands, it emits a brief sonar-like ping, like the AI Scan you may use to locate accessible weapons and vehicles, but the Threat Sensor also reveals opposing players—even through walls.

The Threat Sensor lasts six seconds and may be placed almost anywhere, providing you with a clear view of opponent movements and locations. Use it to plan your onslaught on a stronghold, or simply to gain a better view of the fighting as you approach a larger battle.

One important thing to note is that anyone wearing Active Camo will not be highlighted by the Threat Sensor, so be cautious.

The Drop Wall

Halo Infinite drop wall
It’s good for some quick cover while you retreat, or to last just a bit longer in an engagement.

The Drop Wall is great to quickly drop a wall of cover if you’re lacking some in a firefight. Hence the name – Drop Wall. Throw down a wall in front of you will that will absorb incoming fire, while also allowing you to shoot from behind it. The panels are not very durable and break after only a few shots. However, the rest of the wall will be maintained if a segment is destroyed.

It doesn’t deflect a whole load of bullets, but it does the trick to give you that extra little edge you might need to come out on top. You can also use it to completely stop a rocket in its tracks. That could be just enough to protect your killing spree.

The Drop Wall is excellent for defending a fixed location.

The Overshield

Halo Infinite OVERSHIELD
Overshields in Halo Infinite are an incredible defensive option.

The Overshield has been a pick-up in Halo for a long time, and it’s just as powerful as ever. It’s regarded as the best defensive option in the game as it basically doubles your shield capacity. This means you can take a lot more damage before you succumb to death.

Overshields don’t make you invincible, but they make you a whole lot tougher to take down. Given the right circumstances, you could easily take down three or four opponents with the Overshield’s added defence. It appears on the map the same way weapons do, so keep an eye out for the marker and its timer so you can grab it for yourself.

One of the main benefits of the Overshield in this game is that you can hang onto it. You can deploy it when you need it most, so it’s best to hang onto it for a particularly large encounter. You’ll have to use it at the right time, as it degrades over time. The shield will run out entirely after 40 seconds.

It’s worth keeping in mind it takes a sec for the activation animation to play and the effect to become active. So time it right and try not to die while you’re using it.

The Active Camo

Halo Infinite active camo
Now you see me… Now you don’t.

The Active Camo another top-tier equipment device. It’s a Halo classic, just like the Overshield—activate it, and you’ll become almost invisible, as well as not appear on radar or be marked by the Threat Sensor. The effect lasts approximately 30 seconds and spreads to objects like the flag if you’re carrying it in CTF, which may be quite useful for sneaking away and scoring a point.

It’s important to know  that firing your weapon, sprinting, throwing a grenade, or meleeing an enemy may cause your Active Camo to be temporarily broken, so don’t confront an opponent unless you’re ready to completely engage—and certain that the advantage of surprise will give you an advantage. If your camo duration is still active, it will renew shortly after you break it.

You should also be aware that utilising Active Camo does not make you fully invisible, however the effect is quite close. When an Active Camo player moves in front of them, eagle-eyed players will notice a ripple of motion, allowing them to spot and kill a camouflaged player. So just keep in mind that Active Camo isn’t flawless.

Well, there you go. A full run-down on all of the equipment available in Halo: Infinite and how to make best use of it all. Read more about the latest Halo Infinite news, guides and updates here!

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer is currently available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. The full game will release on December 8th.

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