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Ever since its announcement, Harry Potter fans have been patiently waiting for more news about the upcoming game set in the Potter Universe- Hogwarts Legacy. This is hardly surprising, as we’ve virtually heard nothing in this time, as we don’t even know  when the game is even going to be released! Apart from a few leaks, this is the first news we’ve got in quite some time!

Fans had hoped the game may get some sort of announcement at the Game awards (not the only game that didn’t make an appearance) but it didn’t quite happen. Luckily we’ve got prominent insider and leaker Millie to help us out!

Taking recently to Twitter,  Millie lets us know that we would’ve seen more of the game last year, that was until JK Rowling got caught out in transphobic controversy. As such, they decided it may be best to have some “hesitancy and caution” so the game doesn’t become embroiled in with the same issues.

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Additionally, she reported that they decided to pull out of the Game Awards, instead throwing in a short CG announcement for Wonder Woman. So when will be seeing another trailer for the game? Well apparently, its all ready to go, and an upcoming PlayStation event could be the place to see it!

Previous rumours have claimed that Sony is planning a PSX event for December, which other leaks seem to have fallen in line with as well. We’re excited to see what this event could involve so we’ll be giving you more information on it when we have it!

Despite Harry Potter being her own creation, Warner Bros. were adamant to let people know that Rowling isn’t involved in the game. This will come as a relief to some fans, but could also be controversial leaving out the woman who started it all. Only time will tell how the decision goes.

In the meantime, we must continue to be patient when waiting for this game. We’re really excited to see Hogwarts in the 1800’s, as we’re sure you are too! Let us know your favourite Harry Potter moments below. Also, be sure to check out all the merchandise from the franchise we’ve got over on our store right now! They’ll be some great Christmas presents in there, that’s for sure!

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