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Lets-a-go! The iconic Mario Party series is preparing for its latest entry with a newly released trailer. A staple of Nintendo platforms since 1998, Mario Party has had various iterations (some good, some not so much).

However, Nintendo look to be rolling back the years time with their upcoming game in the series, Mario Party Superstars. Set for an Oct 26 release, they have released an overview trailer which looks to have taken inspiration from some of the earliest games in the franchise.

Check out the trailer down here below:

Returns Of Iconic Mario Party Boards

There’s a lot to take in from this three minute trailer. So let’s get started.

Firstly, Nintendo gives us a look at the 5 boards arriving at launch. Seem familiar? That’s because they are. These boards are taken from the first three Mario Party games from the Nintendo 64.

Peach’s Birthday Cake, Woody Woods, Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Horror Land and Space Land. Nintendo nostalgia at its finest.

Every board will also contain unique features. From Bowser’s Coin Beam in Space Land to King Boos thieving antics in Horror Land, there is no shortage of surprises.

With all maps supporting online play, the choice is yours on whether to party with friends in local play or challenge people across the globe.

Couldn’t do that back in 1998, could you?Mario Party Superstars - Overview Trailer - YouTube

Multiple Mario Party Mini-games and Stickers

What would a Mario Party game be without any new exciting mini-games? But first, lets look at the returns of some of the classics.

Hot Rope, Face-Lift, Goomba Spotting and Pushy Penguins. Welcome Back. With over twenty years experience, Nintendo know exactly what Mario Party fans want and they’re looking to give us just that.

Boasting more than 100 mini-games, we’re just as excited for the new ones as the ones of yesteryear. Every Mario Party seems to have one iconic mini-game in each entry of the series. We reckon the latest game won’t disappoint.

Looking for a place just to play mini-games? Well Nintendo have gifted us with Mt Minigames, which is a hub to play any mini-game you could want. In addition, we caught a sneak peak of some of the Puzzles, Survival, Tag Matches and Daily Challenges also available.

Furthermore, online play is supported in these game modes. The addition of new stickers will help players communicate with other party players, which will be very handy when playing against people across the globe.

Lastly, if you don’t have time for those 50 turn goes in one session, players can save games and finish them at a later time. We’ve all been there.Mario Party Superstars' adds health warning to notorious N64 minigame

There’s so much to look forward to in Mario Party Superstars and we just can’t wait! If your a fan of Nintendo, be sure to check out all the information on the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

Also don’t be afraid to check out all the Mario Party content Go2Games has to offer here!

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