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Another company has joined forces with The Pokémon Company and this time it’s for a delicious treat

It’s the 25th anniversary of Pokémon this year and so far we have received multiple collaborations with different corporations to celebrate the world-famous trading card game, including McDonald’s, Seiko, and even Japanese airline Skymark.

Now, doughnut extraordinaire Krispy Kreme has launched its own collaboration with the beloved series, however, there is a catch if you want to sink your teeth into the delicious treats.

Pokémon x Krispy Kreme

The collaboration consists of five colourful treats and each doughnut takes the form of the first starting Pokémon; Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, as well as Ashe’s starter, Pikachu. The last design is one of a Pokeball with red sprinkles on top.

Fans are able to order the tasty treats either as a 6 pack or as a 12 pack with 6 original glazed doughnuts included. However, the collaboration is only available in Australia.

Yes, the Pokémon x Krispy Kreme collaboration is currently only available in one country, however, the Pokémon x McDonald’s collaboration was also only available in one country, to begin with, until it made its way to the UK a couple of months after- and with fans begging The Pokémon Company and Krispy Kreme to bring the collaborations to their regions, there is a possibility it may happen.

For now, here is a list of the doughnuts with their flavours that you can figuratively indulge yourself in:

  • Bulbasaur – Green apple icing, sand sugar + a creme swirl
  • Charmander – Vanilla custard, dipped in white truffle
  • Squirtle – Strawberry filled creme, dipped in white chocolate
  • Pikachu – Chocolate creme, dipped in white truffle
  • Poke Ball – Orginal Glazed, with white icing and red sprinkles on top.


Source: The Pokémon Company


Here’s to hoping we get to taste these colourful doughnuts sometime soon.


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