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The Ghostbusters are making a triumphant return to Rocket League! The iconic gaming series is no stranger to combining with popular properties across the years. Players have experienced the likes of James Bond’s famous Aston Martin, Fast and Furious’ Nissan Skyline and even the Batmobile appeared  last month.Thankfully , Rocket League is set to receive  new content from a returning franchise- and we know who to call.

That’s right. The famous Ghost-busting team are set to reappear in our favourite arcade car game. Previously,  Rocket League had Ghostbusters content for its seasonal Halloween event Haunted Hallows in 2020. We’ll be seeing a return to the multiple features introduced last time out, as well as added extras on top of that. Let’s have a quick look into what ghoulish goodies we’re going to be playing with this month! But first, check out the contents original trailer two years ago:

Rocket League Ecto-1 Bundle: Everything You Need To Know

The Ghostbusters content for Rocket League will include the Ecto-1 Bundle, which will be available in the Ghostbusters Tab in the Item Shop for 1100 Credits. Clearly, this will allow you to take control of the Ghostbusters’ iconic ghost hunting vehicle. Not only this, but you will be able to change the Decal of the car, depending on whether you want that classic white look from the movies or a more damaged look showing your experience. Have a quick look at everything else which is included in the bundle below:

  • Ecto-1 Vehicle
  • Ecto-1 Reel Life Decal
  • Ecto-1 BK Wheel
  • Spirits Boost
  • Ecto-1 Reel Afterlife Decal
  • RTV Trail
  • Ecto-1 Engine Audio

Additionally, the brand new items will also become available as an upgrade bundle for those who buy the original bundle. This will cost 600 credits, or each item can be purchased individually in the Item Shop:

  • Ecto-1 Vehicle: 500 Credits
  • RTV Trail: 300 Credits
  • Spirits Boost: 400 Credits
  • Ecto-1 BK Wheels: 200 Credits
  • Reel Life Decal: 100 Credits
  • Reel Afterlife Decal: 100 Credits

Lastly, the classic Stay Puft Goal Explosion will also be making its way back onto our screens! This fan-favourite item will be available in the Item Shop with all new painted variants to go alongside it. Fans must keep an eye out for these in the rotating featured tab of the Item Shop.

We simply cannot wait for all this new content, and luckily we don’t have to. It’s all just become available today! What better way to celebrate the upcoming release of Paul Rudd’s new Ghostbusters film, Ghostbusters:Afterlife. Let’s just hope the movie is as cool as the content we’ve received today! If you’re looking for even more ghost-hunting action, be sure to check out the remastered Ghostbusters game on Xbox one. Believe us, this one isn’t worth missing out on, and will get you right in the mood for when the film releases. Enjoy!The ECTO-1 Is Back In Rocket League In The Item Shop! (Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vehicle Review) - YouTube

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