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Sky: Children of Light to the Nintendo Switch is one of the Best Decisions ever made.


Yes, one of THE BEST decisions ever made and here’s why.


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Gameplay on the Nintendo Switch vs Mobile


Mobile Gameplay

Sky: Children of Light is one of those wholesome, relaxing games you play on a cold, wintery night, beside a fire with your warm cup of hot cocoa. It’s a form of positive escapism, where you can take yourself into a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing world amongst the clouds and dedicate yourself to meeting with the spirits and elders amongst the star constellations and gathering collectables that will customise your character and unlock new pathways to bring you special places and….It’s free.

It all sounds wonderful, right? That is until you start lagging and frame rates drop below 30.

When I first discovered Sky: Children of Light on Mobile, I loved it, opening the app was like receiving a kitten as a gift on Christmas day and the little thing snuggling on my lap. The visuals were amazing, the graphics, the storytelling it was all great, but after about twenty minutes…it’s JUST GREAT. Almost, just okay. It’s not as amazing as it feels when you first open the app. The app tends to overheat my phone and just around the moment it gets hot, the server becomes slow, frame rates drop and I can hardly decipher which direction my character is flying and I end up on a random island getting attacked by these ‘half frog-half crab’ like creatures. My frustration then becomes immeasurable and I close the app and opt for something else.

The game is also online, you must have an internet connection to be able to play it, that also means there are other players who join the server and will be with you on the journey. But what’s so bad about that? Nothing, it’s just that when the frame rate drops, it makes interacting a lot harder and you miss the opportunity of making friends with a potential someone who can lead you through a closed-off area. They vanish from your side and as you finally manage to turn in the correct direction, you watch them gallop and take off into the distance in slow motion.

That’s not to say the game isn’t good, you would just need a really good phone to be able to withstand the app. That being said I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 which manages to play Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact and Obey Me, quite well for long periods of time without overheating. So I believe it’s safe to say that Sky: Children of Light can be a little demanding as an app.


Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Now, I don’t have enough words to describe how outrageously amazing Sky: Children of Light runs on the Switch. It’s so good that it should be illegal. Not a single frame rate drop, no overheating and because of these problems out of the way, I can interact without my experience being spoiled. I am able to do everything I want to do without a single interruption, it’s as if this game was made for the Switch. There are two different modes available for the Switch: targeting 60 frames per second, there’s the high-performance mode, then there’s a better visuals mode that targets 30 frames per second. The choice is yours.

I consider this a vast improvement and due to this, I discovered a lot more in the 13 hours total on the Switch, that I’ve been playing. I’ve come to appreciate the smaller details more. Such as the way my character shields itself from the strong winds and ‘warns’ me I should turn back the other direction, the fear when a dark dragon-like creature hurls towards me and attacks, the way my character shakes the black sludge off of their body and the dramatic cutscenes where my character falls into ‘despair’ and don’t get me started on the scenery, the flowers, trees and water animations are fantastic. These are small things that players might not notice unless they are truly paying attention to detail, but it’s nice to know they add all of this in as we play along to truly give us an immersive experience.


Sky: Children of the Light coming to Switch this summer - Gematsu



So far it’s been a great ride, I love every aspect of this game and I recommend it! It’s open world and there are barely any limits to this vast adventure, playing with others and receiving help from different players is a part of the experience and doesn’t feel like a cheat in any shape or form, because the goal is to restore hope to each and every kingdom, together, as the Children of Light.


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