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The video explains how the expansion will impact health and stamina choices in combat…

Valheim’s first major expansion, Hearth & Home, is finally around the corner, after spending the first few months of the game in Early Access fixing bugs rather than adding new content. The update is set to add a host of new features and rework existing ones, including health and stamina.

As detailed earlier this month, Hearth & Home is set to completely change how food works in the game. As currently constructed, eating food will restore your health and stamina, no matter what food you consume. Well, after the update’s arrival, you will have to eat specific foods to increase health or stamina separately. Different types of food will affect certain attributes. There will also be some foods that bring a mix of health and stamina instead of boosting only one. The developers have also tweaked how long popular foods last and how long their peak efficacy lasts. For further details on the specific changes to food types and mechanics, see the prior article (linked above).

Of course, stamina is useful for survival tasks such as building etc. or fighting large numbers of opponents, whereas health is obviously needed to not die. The new update, therefore, is likely to open up different choices within combat. Players can now prioritise certain stats in line with the enemy and their play style.

According to the video posted by the Valheim devs (see below), the stamina-focused combat style is currently the norm for most players, with high stamina allowing players to make more attacks on enemies. A health-focused combat style would instead concentrate on defensive play, including the use of shields. Not only will blocking power now be based on maximum health, but it also will factor into a new stagger mechanic. Based on your health, the stagger bar will fill up as you’re attacked, and if it reaches the top, your character will be staggered.

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