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Oh, Wordle, Wordle, Wordle. For the longest time I have been making jokes of Americans spelling or pronouncing things wrong… Until not very long ago, when one Wordle answer was ‘Humor’ and not ‘Humour’! Pack up your dictionaries lads, may as well admit defeat while the rest of the world is too busy poking fun at Fox News, or Florida Men, or supersized burgers, or whatever other shenanigan of the week takes attention from the state of things in the ol’ red-white-and-blue… Oh wait, they took that one? The French too? F**** it, WE’RE DOING IT LIVE!

Wordle Royale? Well, yes, but actually no. From the success of Wordle, a surprising number of imitators have put strangely unique spins on the gameplay loop, which quite a twist considering the usual gaming pipeline of “popular good and unique, to popular and good, to… popular”.

I swear Mr Ego, these new Wordles have unique themed versions, like with swears, geography, dungeon-crawling stuff, and-

“Then how could it be… Popular”?

That brings us to today’s topic of conversation, Squabble, which is essentially a competitive multiplayer version, including staples of stereotypical multiplayer and royale shooters like hit points, kill cams, and the sweet orgasmic bliss achieved from the thought of coming out on top against the odds of your competition… No pun intended, for once.

Your hit points essentially work like in-game health, which gets reduced with every wrong guess and healed with every correct letter you find. And if you thought things were stressful enough before, the battle royale mode also means you take damage if you take too long to think!

I’ve joked before of Wordle being the perfect game for grammar nazis, but this is basically Hunger Games-level tension WITH WORDS!

Besides the 6-99 player large royale modes with a ‘last man standing’ win condition, you can also set up smaller 2-5 player rooms with your friends.

Product Poems:

I knew a mug name Tina, from wonderlands Prima, cooking rice balls but can kick it back on like Fifa. Her game was on point, but that’s beside the point, she had some nice things, I love to play with them joints… Sorry Dashie.

MonkeysMonkeys everywhere. Return to Monke. Yes I amCJ.

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