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How long are we going to have to wait for this one? It feels like years ago since we last got any update on Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield game. Finally, fans are getting some more content to indulge in whilst we wait for the games hotly anticipated release.

With just under a year to go, Bethesda look to be stepping up their promotion for their role-playing adventure. How exactly do they do this though? Well, a mini documentary is the most obvious outlet of course! The seven-minute “Into the Starfield: The Endless pursuit” featurette treats us to more concept art whilst also displaying brief glimpses of robots, alien worlds and a spaceport. Clearly, everything you need for a good sci-fi game is right here.
Anyway, enough of the writing. Why would I explain it, when you can just check it out for yourself down below:

Starfield To Join Bethesda’s Long List Of Exploration Goodness

As you can see, the video is heavily focused upon the evolution of Bethesda Game studios and the worlds they have given us over the years. But why shouldn’t it be? This is a developer who’s gifted us gaming greats such as the Elders Scrolls and Fallout franchises. Whilst the likes of Skyrim have granted us access to an epic fantasy world to explore, it seems that Starfield looks to be taking a different approach.

“It’s got a more realistic, science-based backing to it,” said Art Director Matt Carofano. “This is a more grounded game and a grounded setting about exploration. So I think that gives us a different take on how we make everything.”

This comments were further expanded upon by game director Todd Howard. When asked about the comparisons with Starfield and Skryim, this is what he had to say.

The mechanics of the world are entirely different,” says Howard. “But there are similarities, and I think those are things we like. We like first-person, we like having all the coffee cups, like being able to touch everything. Those moments make the whole thing believable. Being able to watch the sunset and night time comes, and just sit there and watch the world go by, seems like it’s not game play. But it is vital to how you feel through the rest of it.”

Not only this, but Carofano went on to give us even more exciting news by suggesting that there will be more than one moment akin to emerging from Fallout’s vault or Oblivion’s starting dungeon.

“We always have that ‘step out’ moment into the world,” he said. “I like to say that Stafield has two ‘step out’ moments. It’s cryptic.”

Those moments create some of the best memories in gaming history. Stepping out of an enclosed area to see the vastness of an open world helps us remember exactly how far technology has come in the last twenty years. It also makes sure we don’t take that for granted so we’re able to treasure it as much as we can. That’s what all gamers love.New Starfield Video Shows More Concept Art And Offers A "Cryptic" Tease - GameSpotSkyrim Event Debuts New Starfield Concept Art | CBR

Major Changes Coming To Bethesda Game Studios

This American games studio has been a stalwart of the gaming industry for the last few decades, and we’re sure their next game isn’t going to disappoint us at all.

It’s certainly an exciting time for the studio since their 7.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft, as they look to focus upon single player games in the coming years. Additionally, it means that many of their future games will be Xbox exclusives, with the next elder scrolls looking to take that route.

Unfortunately, its still unclear just how many of their future releases are going to be Xbox exclusive. Whilst its a great time to be an Xbox player, Playstation fans won’t feel too good about it. Nevertheless, PlayStation fans have been treated to great single-player titles in recent years, so perhaps this is Xbox realising they need to step up their game. Their exclusive library has been rather poor in comparison to the PS4 which boasted the likes of 2018’s Spider-Man and God of War, which Sony used as a selling point for the system. It looks like the battle of the exclusives is on.

If you want to get stuck back into the world of Skyrim, or are yet to experience it, well pick up a copy right here! You won’t regret this one. Bethesda and Microsoft, Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive to Xbox? PS5 is not needed for Spencer - World Today News

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