Dying Light 2 Studio on 500-Hour Claim’s… Backlash?

Dying Light 2 tn Techland 500 hour response to backlash

Unlike my last Dying Light 2 blog, my decision to write on this, plot twist, ISN’T just because we happen to have Dying Light 2 pre-order copies available (not that I’m stopping you from getting them, wink wink, nudge nudge).

There’s been some mild (by Twitter standards at least) backlash to Dying Light 2 following a recent claim the game will be some 500 hours in length! More on that here. The folks at Techland recently came out with a statement that essentially boils down to “calm your tits, we’re not trying to outdo Persona 5 here! What we MEANT was that 100% completion of the whole game will take about 500 hours, the story campaign (excluding multiple runs for different endings) will be about 20 hours. Will that be enough to please Her Majesty’s Secret Service”?… I’m paraphrasing of course, the day a company says “calm your tits” about literally anything is the day I uncritical my race theory!

Fun fact: According to the official Dying Light 2 Twitter, 500 hours would be the approximate time it’d take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid.

More specifically, the Dying Light 2 team have given the following approximations:

  • 20 hours to complete the main story.
  • 80 hours to finish the story AND all side quests.
  • 500 hours to “max out” the game with all “choices and endings, checking every place on the map, every dialogue and finding every collectible”.

So, why DID I choose to talk about this? Well, sit down and strap on, it’s story time! There’s this one small-time not-too-well-known indie gaming bloke you might have heard about? By the name of… checks notes. Hide E.O Couchiema? Kyjama? Kojesus? Ko- Okay, I’ll stop! Long story short, Metal Gear Solid games. Solid franchise, varying degrees of storytelling quality, always hilariously over-the-top even at the worst of times… Then Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes happened, where on launch, folks essentially paid 40 quid for what amounted to one 15-30 minute level, presumably because Konami felt like giving some cheeky foreshadowing of how they’d rather sabotage their own business than carry on making video games (though with that attitude, probably for the best they’re sticking to making Pachinko machines).

That mildly-quirky recap of the situation’s my way of saying “well hey, better too much than too little, oi oi”.

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