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Epic Games fan- you must be in disbelief! Who’d have thought the company would be this generous? Whilst we knew the studio would be giving away some free games this month, we would never have imagined it to be this many! Nevertheless, ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all!

The fifteen games will reportedly be offered on a daily basis starting from December 16 and ending December 30. But who is giving us this information, we hear you ask? Surely it’s all too good to be true. Not according to Dealabs user Billbill-Kun that is.

How do you know they’re a reliable source, we hear you ask again? Well fear not doubters, Billbill-kun has successfully leaked the PS Plus line ups for the last four months. Not only this, but he managed to get the correct games for the Xbox Live Games with Gold Titles right too. We reckon he can be trusted with this one once again.

Epic Games Store chief says they'll eventually stop paying for exclusive PC games - The Verge

Furthermore, they reported that 14 of the games will only be able to be claimed for the specific day. However, the 15th game will give you a little more time by being claimable for a whole week. You better be logging into your account every morning if you want to take advantage of this great offer. Might be a bit awkward asking to be excused at Christmas dinner to download one on Christmas day, but hey it should be worth it!

Even though it’s still a bit of a surprise, I suppose we shouldn’t actually be too shocked. Epic Games have given similar Christmas promotions the last couple of years. Over the 2020 Christmas period they gave us 15 games and in 2019 they gifted us twelve. Hopefully next year we’ll get even more. Mind you, best to be grateful for what you have!Why is it "12 days of free games" and not "13 days"? : r/EpicGamesPC

Are Epic Games Giveaways A Sustainable Business Plan?

This is the big question really, isn’t it? Can a company continually succeed by always giving away freebies? This is especially concerning since Epic Games spent approximately $12 million getting games for its usual giveaways. These were purchased during a nine-month period between December 2018 and September 2019 where they amassed 38 games to give away.

These varied from less known titles such as Super Meat Boy and World of Goo to grand Triple AAA titles like the Batman Arkham Collection. As you would expect, they had to fork out quite a lot of money for these products, which led VGC analyst Louise Shorthouse to question its profitbablity.

“The number of free games increased by 41% [in 2020] – reflecting the increase in customers – but their value grew by over 65%,” she wrote.

“Essentially, Epic is giving away more expensive games, probably in an attempt to sustain momentum and continue to draw in a broader audience, and it seems to be working. The number of free games claimed in 2020 increased almost threefold year-on-year, from 200 million to 749 million.

“But even for Epic Games, a company still basking in the glow of Fortnite’s vast profits, there will be a limit to how much it is willing and able to spend on free content”.Season 8

The success of Fortnite has certainly allowed Epic Games to be more manoeuvrable that’s for sure. But hey, we ain’t complaining. The more free games for us the better!

If you want to pick up some Fortnite merchandise this Christmas, we’ve got you covered! Head on over to our store to see what goodies you can pick up for yourself or loved ones. You best hurry though, especially with the new chapter of Fortnite having begun this week!

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