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Fortnite encourages players to crack open a boy with the cold ones by cracking a cold one with the boys! Needless to say, the frat boy culture of Activision Blizzard may be on the decline, but at least we can all enact a much safer version of crazy beer keg stunts thanks to the power of online gaming… Why yes, the word ‘may’ IS doing literally all the legwork in that sentence!

As the Winterfest Fortnite event will be ending on January 6th, the devs at Epic Games thought it would be nice to throw in a few extra gameplay items on January 4th, which of course leads us to the subject of today’s blog, The Shield Keg! How does it work? I’m so glad I asked!

Let’s set the scene and say you and JohnnyScienceNamer42069 (more commonly known as Antoine Lavoisier) are making your guns go shooty-bang-bang at a couple enemy players. Now, because you’re not exactly a black belt in the noble art of shooting people in the face, it’s safe to assume you and your partner in crime took a lot of damage in the heat of battle. So what do you do? Well, turns out you stumbled upon The Titular Shield Keg while you and your friend were ducking for cover in Quirkily-Named-Alliterative-Location-87. So, before your pursuers catch up, you have the bright idea of picking up The Titular Shield Keg, throwing it on the ground and then getting soaked in whatever suspiciously viscous liquid was inside. Luckily, the contents of the Shield Keg also happen to regenerate the health and shield of anyone in the splash zone for a limited time. So besides possibly needing a change of draws afterwards, I’d say that worked out pretty well!

You can find Shield Kegs throughout the Fortnite island on the ground, in chests, supply drops, Your Mum, anywhere really! And if you’ve saved up enough gold bars (which you can often find in cash registers and sofas in-game), you can also trade them to buy Shield Kegs from Lt. John Llama and The Scientist… Why yes, Fortnite does have lore, I’m just as surprised as you!

With all that in mind, do I recommend the Shield Keg as a viable healing tool? Yes and no. Although it heals you up alot, it can sometimes take it’s sweet time with how fast it regenerates your health and shield, so you’re better off using it in multiplayer modes where the spraying function means it’ll be more immediately helpful to your teammates.

The Shield Keg is meant to be a shield-based accompaniment to another item, the Med-Mist, which was introduced in the previous hotfix 19.00 update of Fortnite. As for other new items: Tents allow players to carry 2-3 extra items, as well as slowly-but-surely heal up your health. You can also get Spider-Man web shooters that control surprisingly well! May not be the most powerful thing in the world, but tis a welcomed replacement for the Baller vehicle that I’ve missed since it’s departure from Fortnite.

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