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My first two weeks at G2G seem to have passed in a flash! I really enjoy the work, from writing blogs to product descriptions, so the days seem to fly by.

My first week started off with a competition: whoever wrote the most content descriptions in the week would take home any game from the Go2Games shop. It was a very fast-paced and exciting week, and I raced to complete 72 descriptions – not bad! Despite the competitive spirit, all my colleagues were very friendly. Although we only get to talk remotely at the moment, we all get along well and have a lot of common interests. They’re a big part of why I’m enjoying working here so much.

To be honest, I was very anxious when I first started. I have experienced some toxic work environments at past jobs, and I often worried that with my anxiety issues I wouldn’t be able to find a job I really like. But everyone at G2G was so welcoming and not at all judgemental, and getting to write about my interests and passions stops me from feeling anxious at all.

We have quite a lot of creative freedom, which is fantastic. Today I was able to write about a topic that was very important to me as a queer person. Not only was I able to inform people, but it also served as an outlet for my frustration with the situation.

In my first week, I got to watch the Croydon Business Resilience Awards, which took place via a zoom webinar. Even though I had only been with G2G for a few days at the time, I couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement when Go2Games took home two awards! Everyone is so passionate about their work here; it’s impossible not to. I channelled that excitement into the social media post I wrote for the result, which was posted on Instagram.

I do feel a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to churn out as many content rich descriptions this week, averaging at around 10 to 14 a day this week. Unfortunately, I’m a little unwell at the moment. I’ve been suffering from fainting spells with my anaemia, and so I’m often very tired. Due to the shortage of vials, I haven’t been able to have a blood test yet, but it seems like I’ll finally get one next week. The energy crisis doesn’t help either – it’s so cold in my house due to no heating, and with my health issues causing poor circulation my hands get really cold. It makes it a little difficult to type, but I’ve been powering through it.

I don’t want to end on that downbeat note, so I will say that I’m really enjoying the work – even when I’m not feeling 100%! This week flew by, I actually can’t believe it’s already my second Friday. Unlike some of my friends who dread going back to work on a Monday, I honestly look forward to it!

As for some other happenings in my life: my brother went back to university last Saturday. It’s strangely quiet around the house without him.
As always, I do a lot of reading and writing in my spare time. You might think I get tired of writing after doing it for work all day – but nope! At the end of the day, I love curling up with my iPad and drafting out a new story.

When I really am too tired to write though, I play video games or read books.
If you would like to check out my Goodreads account, I share reviews and updates there. Here is a recent review I did after finishing my second reading of Banana Fish – not spoiler-free, so beware.


Banana Fish, Vol. 19Banana Fish, Vol. 19 by Akimi Yoshida
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I actually say about Banana Fish? The series has haunted me for well over a year, and it is one of the few works I consider as a literary masterpiece (in a mixture of subjectivity and objectivity). This was my second time reading the manga, but the first time I had the strength to read Garden of Light.

What a stunning and raw depiction of grief. Banana Fish encapsulates what it means to love. Part of the beauty of Ash and Eiji’s relationship is that there isn’t a label fit to define it. Soulmates, maybe. I’ve never cared about a ‘couple’ the way I cared about this pair.

Arguably, it’s not about their relationship – it’s a story about gang violence, about the cruelty of the world. But their relationship is what constantly keeps the emotional stakes so high. I think Banana Fish has exactly what most action and thriller stories are missing: psychologically real protagonists and relationships. The way their love is portrayed is unlike anything else I’ve ever read. I think that’s why so many people come away from that story with that focus.

Despite all the darkness of Banana Fish, the murder, rape, brutality, you still come away from it thinking of the light: the love these characters have for one another.

You might feel a mixture of things: anger at the injustice that Ash doesn’t get a happy ending, sympathy and heartache for Eiji who is still hurting years later, but also pure admiration for the story that was just spun to you. There are stories where protagonists die at the end, but there really is nothing like Banana Fish. Many people are spoiled for the ending, but nothing actually prepares you for it.

I feel I can never fully express how I feel about the series. I could probably spend a lifetime unpacking it and never be satisfied.

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On another note, it’s October! Will you be playing any spooky games this month? I’m going to be rewatching Over the Garden Wall for sure. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a creepy-cute style show about two brothers who get lost in a strange forest. If you liked Coraline, you’ll most definitely like it.

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