Open-World Horror Game! Silent Hill and Dark Souls Hybrid!

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Wronged Us is an upcoming horror title set to release in 2023 inspired by the classic Silent Hill and Dark Souls series. Wronged Us is being developed by Delusional Studios and you can peak at the gameplay trailer right here. And if you’re looking to try out the series, we have Dark Souls Remastered for PS4 right here!

The horror game had its gameplay teaser release during the Golden Joystick Awards, so worth keeping them on your radar for potential future titles that could be interesting.

Despite rumors on a potential Silent Hill game being sadly dashed on the rocks of fate (on account of Konami being the only company in the entire world allergic to the prospect of making money), its effects as a franchise have been strongly felt across many horror games today. Think The Beatles of horror games… Which is probably a better comparison than I thought considering creepy crawlies in games are a pretty easy way to freak me out! I mean, the spiders in Nioh? Pure unadulterated pasteurized nightmare fuel in pixel form! Feel free to pick it up from our store if you’re in a particularly calm mood and would like to ruin it.

Wronged Us sees the player as Isaac, a visitor to an unsettling rural town trying to find a missing person. The gameplay features a couple headless folks, a disturbingly tall bloke who looks like a white Kareem Abdul-Jabar and some totally not menacing cult-like congregations by a campfire… And by campfire, I mean full-on residential arson.

In addition to the game’s website confirming inspiration from Dark Souls in terms of world design, there will also be some stealth sections and moments of action. Let’s not mince words, the in-door bits of Isaac hiding behind a sofa and scrambling to blast at The Amazing Wall-Crawling Legally Distinct Monster Man has some clear parallels to The Last of Us combat and Resident Evil’s Licker enemies.

You Vs The Zombie She Tells You Not To Worry About

The graphics may not be as ultra-crispy-smooth as the usual fare you get from games of this size, but overall, it looks very interesting with the promise of an engaging story and moments of Hitchcockian tension-building. I think an open-world horror game would benefit from a more extreme Lovecraftian aesthetic and enemy variety over the more “grounded” domestic-rural horror it’s going for, but if the devs are making that choice knowing it’ll be the best way to tell their story, I’m all eyes and ears!

Product Poems:

Evil, evil, evil residents. Coin, coin, coin. Abandon.

Dragon, dragon and dungeon. They are wronged. Our rights written right us, clean.

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