Watching Nintendo’s Indie Game Showcase (Insult Explanation)

tn indie showcase Nintendo

Nintendo has announced it will be holding an online indie game showcase TODAY at Noon Eastern Time (that’s 5pm for us limeys)!

The stream should run for around 20 minutes (based on past similar showcases) and it’s expected to cover new indie games or which currently-existing indie games will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Sign up to our newsletter for a discount on our store, we’ve got plenty of indie and Nintendo games and nick-nacks right here.

There’s been some rumblings in the Twitterverse that Hollow Knight: Silksong may have a spot in the showcase, as us Hollow Knight fans have been starved for content for over a couple years. Fingers crossed the lads at Team Cherry have something put together for it. And while I’m gushing, I highly recommend giving the Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition a go! Tis a masterclass in worldbuilding and deceptively skill-based gameplay. And for any new players to Hollow Knight, give Windette a looksie if you want some hilariously helpful guides on in-game areas (explained in insults). More on him and other great gaming youtubers right here!

How to watch Nintendo’s Indie Gaming Showcase… Explained in Insults: Okay boomer, I know it probably took you 30 minutes just to get to this page, so feel free to get a pen and paper at the ready because chances are the alzheimers is kicking in early and my vain ass wants you to finish this whole article top to bottom. GOOD? Good! Let’s break this down.

YouTube! Not many people know this about me, but I suppose I have a passing interest in the platform. Nintendo will be streaming the event there, so here’s what you do: Click on THIS link to the Nintendo YouTube channel. You can watch the stream when it starts, but if you’re a big boi tech-wizard with a YouTube account, you can even click the little grey bell to notify you when the livestream is about to start. You’ll want to get there a few minutes early though, because YouTube has this strange fetish for playing adverts right before most re-entries into livestreams and I don’t want you clicking off this showcase because you thought it was Febreze commercial!

At this point, it has dawned to me I am writing this section for a type of niche that is simultaneously tech-illiterate enough to need regular explanations of how to work a phone while also being juuuust tech-savvy enough to enjoy video games on modern consoles. Okay, egg on my face, you got me Kronk!

Product Poems:

If Indie Brawlers bawl for bald ballers,  no indie Brawl baller need brawl for bauble borders.

E’llo poppet, ow’s the misses“? Not bad lad, just doing dishes.

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