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Epic Games has prepared a virtual film festival this Halloween season called Shortnitemares, where you can load up Fortnite and enter an in-game cinema to see what fresh meme-laden circle of hell is on display now. The festival includes 7 Halloween-themed short films and started running from October 28th at 5pm CT (or 11pm last night in UK time) and will end November 1st at the same time. The Shortnitemares Theatre was built by Quantic Dream (who have had some rumblings of a potential Star Wars game) in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. You can also get neat cosmetic rewards for watching Shortnitemares, so get in there folks!

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How to Watch!

The exact buttons for use vary depending what you use, but you go to the location that allows you to choose which game mode you want from the lobby. Then you select the ‘Shortnitemares’ playlist from there. Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt. You can go for the private room experience where you’ll have full control over the theatre, or you can hop into a public server and watch all the films that are being played on an infinite loop all day.

A couple of the films will also be made by bigger studios, likely showing off Epic Games’s chops for that potential Fortnite Movie that was teased not long ago. ‘We Will Be Monsters’ was a collaborative effort between Epic and Universal Pictures, made with Unreal Engine 5 and MetaHuman Creator.

Spooky Synopses!

We Will Be Monsters – Frankenstein’s MONSTER embarks on an epic quest to save his kidnapped wife, shenanigans ensue.

The Eye – An Alien-inspired short film seeing a maintenance worker called out to fix a busted drone. She comes across a hostile force, shenanigans ensue.

Aaaand, it turns out because it’s so new that more are hard to find at the moment, so to make up for that, have a butcher’s hook at the trailer for the different films or just log on for yourself.

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