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Codemasters, known for many great racing games, has been at a point of contention for multiple companies to buy – currently in a bidding war. At the time of this article, EA has a £1bn lead for the purchase of the Dirt Rally racing series creators. Codemasters are a UK-based developer, focusing in on realistic […]


One of the exclusives of the PS5 launch is a remaster of the game that kicked off the “souls-like” genre and difficulty we see in a lot of modern games – Demon’s Souls. The fanatical demon hunting fight to survive has been polished with a great paint job, which exudes the power of the PS5, […]


Ubisoft is at a point of contention with each new release. A lot of the multiplayer releases are poorly monetised with lootboxes and high-pricing DLCs. Watch Dogs: Legion includes cosmetic microtransactions, however is a single-player game (for now). A lot of people have been discussing this controversial topic, whilst not addressing the great things the […]


Anime gacha Breath of the Wild type game Genshin Impact has been taking the world by storm recently – whether you love or hate gacha. There’s a lot going for it already, having had a hefty beta period, but after playing it up to AR35 it, in my eyes, needs more work. Currently a lot […]


Realistically currently with the PS5, you’re paying for the high-power SSD and console exclusives. The PS5 will have to push more and more great games as time goes on to justify competing with the Xbox Series X, especially considering Microsoft has its Smart Delivery system that allows you to upgrade your Xbox One games to […]


Everyone loves betraying their friends in video game scenarios. Mafia, Town of Salem, Werewolf, Uno, Mario Party – all infamous for having a scenario where you completely boink over your friends’ chances of winning. Let’s go over the newest contender: Among Us. Among Us features multi-coloured spacemen divided into the crewmates and impostors. From there […]

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