Bobbert Kotique


Oh, Bobby Kotick. Bobbert Kotique. Boobie Kocktick. Soon-to-be former Blizzard CEO! It seems our whirlwind parasocial romance of venomous mockery is coming to a close. Now that Microsoft has bought out Activision Blizzard (click here for our breakdown on that chestnut), I probably won’t be able to keep taking the mick out of you unless […]


Now, despite being a self-proclaimed leftist, I’ve developed something of a parasocial affection for New World and it’s formation from mega-rich borderline monopolistic parent company, Amazon… Yes, I know the game’s by Amazon Games, but let’s not mince words, that’s the corporate equivalent of tomato-tomato. In the spirit of being informative and not overdosing on […]


In case my analyses on the Steam Deck controller patent and the Dbrand-Sony PS5 squabble didn’t tip you off, I suppose you could say I have severely Orwellian anti-corporate views on patents in gaming tech and mechanics, to put it mildly. Sony recently patented a collaborative path-building mechanic that’s reportedly near-identical to the system found […]


Comrade Australia? FINALLY, some good industry news! Was not expecting a progressive move in the gaming industry coming from the country notorious for banning and overly-censoring its fair share of 18+ games, but hey, you win some you lose some. Game Workers Unite Australia, formerly an advisory and support group, has now announced it will […]


Activision. Honey. Baby. Dearest booty call for easy views… You’re dethpicable. Jessica Gonzales (whom you may recognize from my article on wanting to fire one Bobbert Kotique) has recently resigned from her role as data analyst for Blizzard Entertainment. In her resignation, she states the company’s hostile work environment, lack of effort and deliberate inaction […]


Housemarque, the Finnish game studio behind Returnal recently posted a teaser image of what seems to be a partly-cracked statue of someone in otherworldly armor with the caption ‘Atropos…?’. Atropos is a planet in the game world of Returnal, which seemingly learned from the ‘Revengeance’ school of title naming. Click on the first Returnal link […]


Oh, Activision Blizzard, you sweet innocent totally not systematically corrupt baked bean! Needless to say, the company’s handling of vast sexual assault allegations has been handled with occasionally fleeting dignity at best and outright lies to protect alleged harassers at worst. From BlizzCon’s cancellation, to the Cosby Suite leak, employees and directors leaving, the legal […]

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